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Who's Talking? Who's Listening?

Deborah Reis

Who's Talking? Who's Listening?
Thursday, October 01, 2015

Who’s Talking?  Who’s Listening?

Oral language comes first....

Never forget that baby is busy listening -- even right from birth. Understand, however new, however small that wonderful mass called brain is actively processing every bit of language (information) baby hears (meaningful information, that is, not just some junk coming out of the TV). And it all happens, especially when the person talking is someone baby knows and trusts (Mom, Dad). This how baby learns.

Keep in mind that whatever you say, however you say it, baby is busy taking it all in. Proof? Just wait until that Hallelujah day when your toddler begins repeating it all back to you -- even the stuff you wish you hadn’t said.

So, Rule #1

Talk to baby. Hold conversations with baby just as you would with any other intelligent human being. It all adds up to learning language, to learning about how language works, to building knowledge (yes, even the smallest infant is busy with this), in preparation for ultimately learning how to read on his or her own -- naturally.