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The Myth of the Family Library

Deborah Reis

The Myth of the Family Library
Sunday, September 06, 2015

Recently I was told that, "if a family has lots of books at home, then a child will learn to read."

But learning to read takes much more than living with a good supply of books. While having books and other reading material in the home may certainly be a help in raising a successful reader, a child can not learn to read -- by osmosis.

Learning to read takes two: One to read and one to sit on your lap and listen while continuing the process of learning to read along with you. Learning to read cannot take place in a vacuum or by being surrounded by piles of reading material.  Without a willing senior partner to engage a little partner in the learning-to-read process, then books are just books filling up space in an (im) personal library.

But with the help of an expert senior reading partner, good books and other reading material in the home give a little emerging reader a lovely incentive to learn to read, and ultimately read more.